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What Is Safeup?

SafeUp™ is a safety-enhancement gadget this is placed on the male power plugs to cover the exposed electrified blades of the power plugs in the gap that forms between the power outlet and power plugs.
SafeUp™ keeps everyone safe from electrical shocks, especially the most vulnerable
Nearly half of the patients admitted to hospitals in US for electrical shock injuries are children. Now with SafeUp™ you can keep them safe for a low cost. But it’s not only the children, as we age our vision deteriorates and makes us grope things that we could easily see at a younger age. This leaves the senior citizens vulnerable to electrical shock hazard from lose power plugs as well. SafeUp™ also protects pets from sniffing or licking something around a lose power plug. That’s why SafeUp™ protects you and all your loved ones.
SafeUp™ is the easiest and most affordable solution to the problem
SafeUp™ does not need any expertise to be installed; everyone can just place one on any power plug he or she uses in seconds. There is no need to call in a technician or go through difficult and expensive installations.

SafeUp™ fits both the two-prong and three-prong power plugs
Although SafeUp™ only allows two prongs to pass through, it fits the three-prong power plugs in USA and Canada as well. The third prong that stays outside of SafeUp™’s cover is the ground and does not pose a threat.
SafeUp™ can be used for home or office, indoor or outdoor
SafeUp™ is not for just indoor use at home. It can be used outdoors too. In fact, one of the benefits of using SafeUp™ on outdoor power outlets is it's water-tightening capability to protect outdoor power plugs from rain or sprinklers.
SafeUp™ is a tiny gadget that saves lives
SafeUp™ installs in seconds, doesn't need expertise to use, and becomes unnoticable when pressed. It can also flex thousands of times, resists extreme heat, and can expand faster than your hands move.