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OSHA Workplace Safety Applications

Ever worried about the consequences of someone getting shocked at work? Are you sure if your office meets the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines for electrical safety? SafeUp™ can help enhance the safety of the workplace as well.

According to, small businesses spend 35 billion dollars a year on lawsuits due to injuries at workplace! With so many power outlets and power strips all over the place, an electrical shock injury for an employee can wreak havoc to your business! Whether an IT company with hundreds of racks or a small business with three employees, SafeUp™ can help protect your employees and ultimately your business. Take advantage of our OSHA Special offerings today!






Industrial power strips with 20+ outlets are the single biggest source of risk for electrical shock injuries at workplace. SafeUp™ is the best way to make sure, none of your employees gets an electrical shock when using them.