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SafeUp™ is the new big thing for electrical safety

SafeUp™ is a safety-enhancement gadget that is placed on the male power plugs to cover the exposed electrified blades of the power plugs in the gap that forms between the power outlet and power plugs. You may come across these gaps that develop in different ways every day, but have you ever worried about the danger of mistakenly touching those electrified blades?


The great peril at you and your loved one’s finger tips

A lot of power plugs don’t go all the way into the power outlets leaving a gap between the power plug and the outlet. Some fully go in, but could be lose enough to get pulled slowly with use and develop an even bigger gap. It doesn’t take too long for a vacuum machine plug to get pulled half-way out or bent. The exposed conductor blades in these gaps are electrified and touching them usually comes with serious injury.
A lot of times the cables you plug into a surge protector develop such a gap since they get pulled in multiple directions. Have you noticed how much of a risk you take when you try to unplug one plug among many, especially if you can’t reach it easily?
There are 4000 people admitted to hospitals in the United States every year for electrical shock injuries. Electrical shocks can cause burns, seizures, respiratory failures and heart attacks.


SafeUp™ solves a serious safety problem, often ignored until it gets too late

SafeUp™ solves a serious safety problem, often ignored until it gets too late SafeUp™’s patent-pending design is engineered to allow the flexible accordion-like gadget get squeezed to a very narrow thickness when plugging in, but if a gap develops, SafeUp™ expands quickly like a below to cover any exposed metal blades and therefore avoid the risk of electrical shock!


SafeUp™ is the easiest and most affordable solution to the problem

SafeUp™ does not need any expertise to be installed; everyone can just place one on any power plug he or she uses in seconds. There is no need to call in a technician or go through difficult and expensive installations.


SafeUp™ is proudly designed, manufactured and packaged in America

We take pride in supporting American manufacturing and providing employment opportunities to fellow citizens while providing safety at a reasonable price to our customers rather than sending jobs offshore for profit.