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Frequently asked questions

Is SafeUp able to tolerate substantial heat?

Yes, SafeUp is engineered to tolerate temperatures up to 450 degrees before starting to melt.

Can I use SafeUp outdoors?

Yes, SafeUp can tolerate temperatures ranging from below freezing point to hottest summer days, rain, snow and any kind of weather.

Does SafeUp seal the plug against water?

Yes, SafeUp helps water-seal the gap between the power plug and the outlet. This is a very useful functionality of the SafeUp in outdoor use. Common outdoor plugs are not capable of providing such a level of safety.

Isn’t it going to get in the way when trying to plug in?

No, SafeUp is designed to be thin enough not to cause any issues when trying to plug in.

What if the power outlet is so loose that I can’t use SafeUp?

In that case please contact a certified electrician to repair the outlet first since such a lose outlet is a fire hazard.

Is SafeUp a choking hazard?

An open package of SafeUp is a choking hazard. However, it is recommended to apply a small amount of glue to stick the SafeUps to power plugs. Such a contact is strong enough so that a toddler won’t be able to detach the SafeUp from the power plug.

What if I’m not satisfied with the SafeUp I purchased?

You can fill the form on the contact us page and submit a return authorization request within 30 days of purchase. If all the units in the purchased package are received in good condition, you will get a refund minus the shipping cost.


Should I replace a SafeUp after sometime?

It is recommended to replace SafeUp after a year to be sure about its performance to expand fast enough to avoid any possible contacts. However, it is recommended to replace it faster if used outdoors or close to a heat source such as the oven in a kitchen.

Is SafeUp endorsed by OSHA?

No, as of November 2014, OSHA has not endorsed or tested SafeUp.