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Electrical Outlet Protector by SafeUp™

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Everything you need to make your home or workplace safe, our SafeUpTM units come in a pack of nine with included tape and glue for extra secure fits and to avoid choking hazards. We stand behind our product with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so if something is wrong or you aren’t satisfied, send them back!

Providing a water seal for outdoor outlets and a fit for both two and three-pronged plugs, shop today and start making your home, office, workplace, and outdoor areas safe again! 


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It is your key to protection.

Electricity is a beautiful thing. From your vacuum to your lights to your microwave, we handle outlets and plugs every day, yet many of us don’t understand the risks that is waiting just beyond the plastic.
Metal is used in plugs because it is highly conductive and has the ability to transfer electricity easily. However, this means that a plug that is only partially in the outlet leaves highly charged metal open to the air, ready to be grounded with any object that comes along. When a person or animal touches this exposed metal, the electricity travels through the body to the ground, electrifying everything in its path. Depending on the power of the outlet, one touch could mean severe injury or even death.

If that’s not shocking enough, you may be surprised to know that to prevent this, outlets are often equipped with spring clips that are intended to hold plugs securely. However, over time, this springs lose their grip and wear out, allowing the plug to fall out, exposing the metal. There is also a risk when a plug does not insert fully into an outlet, leaving part of it exposed.

To solve both of these problems and make your outlets safe again, our SafeUpTM technology is made with an accordion design that is highly heat resistant, which expands to fill any gaps, encasing the electrified metal and protecting little fingers or wandering hands.

There are over 4,000 people admitted to hospitals every year for electrical shock injuries, and that’s just in the United States alone. With results ranging from burns and seizures to respiratory failures and heart attacks, don’t let you, your pets, your family, or your employees be the next.

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